Crown Consulting Inc.

Crown supports Parsons Corporation on a Federal Aviation Administration Technical Support Services Contract with design and construction of replacement communications towers at locations including Washington, Iowa (AWG), and Algonac (QTA), Pellston (PLN), and Hancock (CMX), Michigan.

We manage and perform the work on four task orders (one for each site) to replace aging guyed and standalone communications towers and associated infrastructure with new, four sided, self-supported type towers designed and constructed to meet the needs of each site.

Crown furnishes all professional, technical and support labor, management, services, supplies, materials, and equipment required to accomplish the requirements at each site including:

  • Tower design and construction – For each of the four sites, Crown designs and constructs new, four sided, self-supported type towers to meet the needs of each site. Towers include a work platform with stairway access and all fall protection items as required by OSHA and other state governing agencies (guardrails, toe boards, PFAS lanyard connection anchors, etc.).
  • Supporting foundation – designing and constructing for each new tower the necessary supporting foundation in the location indicated on the drawings and attachments and as required to meet or exceed all loads that will be imposed upon it from the new tower and the associated equipment, antennae and appurtenances that will be mounted on it.
  • Grounding and lightning protection – providing and installing an electrical grounding and lightning protection system for each new tower. We also provide and install a weatherproof GFCI outlet for the tower and area security light, including all associated cabling, conduit, etc.
  • RF cables and antenna providing and installing new communication cabling, junction boxes, antennas, mounts and all other items as required for the complete installation and communication of the site equipment shelter to the top of the new tower. We also purchase and deliver to the FAA for use as spares cable end connectors for the new 1/2” heliax and the LMR-400 cabling used and polyphasers for both types used in the PF & Base J-boxes.
  • Fencing and landscaping removing and replacing the existing site fence with new security perimeter fencing and gate. We construct additional rocked area for the new tower and restore all areas disturbed by the construction activities to existing condition or better.
  • Cutover support – Supporting FAA with cutover of services to new antennas.
  • Demolition – removing all existing guy-supported tower structures around the site plot and all associated cabling, conduits, appurtenances, foundations, guys and anchors to a minimum identified depth below the surrounding grade.