Crown Consulting Inc.

As software development lead for NASA’s Sherlock data warehouse ATM-X test bed, Crown designed, built and maintains the platform that collects, processes and analyzes air traffic data.  

The test bed offers direct web access to air traffic data and tools that analyze and visualize performance in the National Airspace System. It is the primary platform for fast- and real-time simulations for evaluating concepts such as integrated demand management, increasingly diverse operations and urban air mobility.

Crown’s team collaborated with NASA in its move from a planned metadata repository to this big data solution. We use Agile practices to quickly integrate new features. Our work enables the integration of data from other NASA partners, such as Boeing Eco-Demonstrator, to aid robust experimentation and analysis of new operation concepts in the National Air Space.

The data warehouse features:           

  • Collection and processing to ingest 30 gigabytes of data daily from air traffic, aircraft, and weather systems.
  • Hive user interface and MicroStrategy front-end to enable intuitive searches and generate visualizations based on such conditions as weather, traffic density and traffic management initiatives. 
  • Business intelligence, data mining and machine learning capabilities to identify operational trends and pinpoint emergent behaviors underlying performance efficiencies and potential risks to safety.