Crown Consulting Inc.

Crown plays two key roles supporting the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) as the nation’s most comprehensive and accurate source of energy production and consumption information:

  • Managing data quality for electricity, petroleum and natural gas surveys that form the basis of EIA’s databases, analyses and publications.
  • Developing dashboards and web pages for the visualization layer of EIA’s website, offering stakeholders access to published energy data and data tables from which production data are derived.

Crown applies both statistical analysis techniques and data visualization tools to perform this work. Our use of screening databases, statistical programming and visualization provide automated validation of these large, complex datasets. We generate depictions of these large datasets that allow our analysts to quickly identify anomalies.

Our work produces the following energy dashboards:

  • Natural Gas Dashboardnational and regional storage trends and underlying market and weather factors.
  • New England Energy Dashboarddata to inform analyses of regional energy markets, such as fuel diversification, price volatility and weather impacts on operations.
  • State Energy Portal state-, local- and region-level comparisons with EIA and non-EIA analyses.