Crown Consulting Inc.

John Goring serves as vice president, communication systems programs for Crown Consulting Inc.

Goring direct engineering programs that plan and perform the installation of communication, surveillance, fiber optic, physical security and power system technologies – an area of service he has built over 15 years.  His areas offers the spectrum of support functions to put into place, document and maintain these systems, including engineering installation and testing, site surveys, engineering package preparation, inventory management, equipment fabrication and computer-aided drawing.

Goring’s area provides these services for the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Defense, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Internal Revenue Service on installation programs with demanding logistics and scheduling challenges and stringent operational downtime standards.

His 17 years with Crown follow a 30-year career with the FAA, where he served as a lead National Airspace System communications field engineer and technician while playing a significant role in standardizing field engineering processes. Among many assignments, Goring spearheaded site designs and installations of radio controlled Equipment, back-up emergency communications, remote communication air ground sites, advisory communication and DBright. He also proposed and led the implementation of the Ontario S-BUEC rack facility, designing the communication area and arranging installation and cutover of services.

During his FAA tenure, Goring was credited with enhancing the field engineering’s customer service orientation, strengthening the accountability of its engineers and elevating engineering issues. He led efforts at the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center to buttress communications with the center’s more than 400 controllers. He implemented an employee involvement management system. He represented the FAA Terminal Procedures at national meetings concerning communication issues and priorities.