Crown Consulting Inc.

Fred Judson
February 8, 2023

Crown Consulting Inc. has named Fred Judson director of multimodal transportation. In this role, he directs the company’s efforts to further the development of new and enhanced modes of transportation with an emphasis on building partnerships with government, industry and academia.

During 28 years with the Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT), Judson led efforts advancing transportation technologies such as geographic information systems, uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM). His extensive and diverse experience, highlighted by his previous role with the Ohio DOT’s innovative DriveOhio initiative for connected and automated ground vehicles, provides a skillset critical for leading innovative transportation activities linking air and ground modes.

“I am excited to have Fred join our team,” said Crown Vice President of Aerospace and Advanced Transportation Dr. Rubén Del Rosario. “Fred has been a driving force in positioning the state of Ohio as a national leader in advancing the use of UAS and furthering the adoption of AAM strategies throughout the state. I have worked with Fred in various capacities during the last five years and witnessed the energy and vision he brings to this exciting revolution in transportation technology that we are experiencing.”

Judson’s leadership resulted in the implementation of infrastructure for supporting sustained low-altitude uncrewed aircraft operations and uncrewed aircraft transitioning from uncontrolled to controlled airspace. Ohio’s Uncrewed Aircraft Traffic Management Project and SkyVision programs helped demonstrate how these technologies will integrate into the National Airspace System, furthering the realization of the societal benefits they offer the public.

Judson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College and a post-baccalaureate certification in GIS from The Pennsylvania State University. He has held memberships on the Transportation Research Board, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and other industry and government boards/committees focused on UAS and AAM.

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