Crown Consulting Inc.

March 6, 2019

A partnership today announced between UPS and Matternet launches the nation’s first routine drone medical package delivery service for revenue service in Raleigh, N.C.

Crown played a key role in the launch of this pathfinding advance. For the past year, Crown has supported the North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Aviation as part of its team participating in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, or drones) Integration Pilot Program (IPP).

NCDOT is one of nine U.S. teams selected by FAA to test practical applications of drones, partnering with local governments and private-sector companies to learn more about how this emerging technology can be safely and usefully integrated into day-to-day activities. NCDOT  is testing medical package, food delivery and transportation infrastructure inspection.

The UPS-Matternet flights and launch of revenue delivery service mark some of the most significant breakthroughs to date in applying UAS technology.

UPS is one of the largest cargo airlines in the world and its entry into this market signals a coming expansion of UAS in routine delivery in the United States. The UPS-Matternet partnership will operate a visual line of sight (VLOS) route that traverses the WakeMed Health and Hospital campus in Raleigh with portions of the route involving flight over pedestrians and an active city street.

To set the groundwork for this service, Crown’s engineers assisted NCDOT and its partners in crafting waiver documentation, conducting risk analysis, drafting mitigation plans and developing safety cases.

As the NCDOT moves forward in instituting even more challenging uses for UAS, including beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions, Crown will continue to support the agency’s initiatives. Crown draws on its vast background in aviation, experience that encompasses contributions to commercial airspace operations, ground and airborne automation and the development of urban air mobility concepts.

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