Crown Consulting Inc.

NASA Contract - Air Mobility
June 1, 2021

Arlington, Va. – Crown Consulting, Inc. (Crown) has been awarded a NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to develop a platform for informing community decision-making about designing advanced air mobility (AAM) systems.

The $125,000 Phase I project to design an AAM community integration platform will be developed by Crown with partners NEXA Capital Advisors and Harris Miller Miller and Hanson.

The project will initiate development of a tool that can provide AAM stakeholders such as fleet operators, transportation planners, regulators, community interest groups, environmental advocates and others the capability to assess the numerous considerations involved in making sound decisions about the design of an AAM system.

“Advanced air mobility presents the opportunity to provide many benefits to communities, from more responsive health care to efficient cargo distribution and passenger transportation services,” said Crown Chief Technology Officer Dr. Tom Edwards, principal investigator for the project. “To make good on its potential, AAM must be carefully integrated with existing systems and must be a good neighbor to the environment and the communities it serves. This tool will offer communities the capability to ensure that AAM works for everyone.”

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