Crown Consulting Inc.

ISO-certified construction, installation and logistics

Crown’s Integration & Infrastructure service area provides turnkey solutions across the full spectrum of air traffic control and management facilities.

We specialize in:

  • Construction, including tower erection, building, trenching, grounding and site preparation at operational facilities and on and off airports.
  • Installation of systems and equipment in the operational National Airspace System, including remote, difficult-to-access locations, such as mountainous terrain in Alaska and across the Northwest, with stringent operational downtime standards.
  • Logistics for the full life cycle of a system, from initial support planning and systems safety engineering through decommissioning, including documentation, training, supply support and maintenance.

Enhancing FAA NAS Surveillance and Weather

Crown is modernizing FAA surveillance and weather radar with integrated logistics, documentation, training, and depot supply support.

Our services include construction, facility upgrades, trenching, site preparation, engineering, computer-aided design, installation, testing, logistics support planning, documentation, procurement, help desk, depot support and transition.

We offer instructional support for:

  • Communications systems – radios, towers and antennae, air ground communication facilities, voice switch and network communications.
  • Fiber optic networks – transmission system fiber, equipment and infrastructure.
  • Surveillance systems – primary and secondary radar.
  • NavAids – En route and terminal navigation aids.
  • Power systems – engine generators, uninterruptible power and power conditioning.
  • Physical security systems  – cameras, positive access controls, card readers, doors and gates.

As an ISO 2009:2015-certified company, Crown brings the highest-quality standards of practice to construction, installation and logistics. We enable customers to operate and maintain investments independently and effectively.

Demanding field engineering initiatives with the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Internal Revenue Service over two decades have demonstrated Crown’s ability to deliver.