Crown Consulting Inc.

Real-world insights that drive business results

Crown’s Data Management & Analytics service area specializes in building robust data quality processes and transforming raw data into actionable insights that drive business results. We help our clients reduce costs, speed up data delivery times, and scale solutions to handle data integration projects of any size or complexity.

Our data analysts, quality analysts, and systems engineers serve as our cornerstones for delivering a variety of data solutions.  We bring the capability and tools to extract data from disparate systems, combine it in a meaningful way, and achieve the outcomes our customers desire from their data initiatives. 

Managing the U.S Energy Information Administration State Energy Portal

Crown manages the U.S Energy Information Administration’s EIA) State Energy Portal, an interactive data visualization tool transforming the way citizens view and analyze energy usage.

Our comprehensive data analytics solutions include:

  • Data strategy
  • Data repository development and maintenance
  • Data management and analytics
  • Data quality and curation
  • Web-based software applications and analytics dashboards
  • Data visualizations

Crown leverages cutting-edge data strategy, data collection and data management capabilities with decades of holistic data analytics experience. Our track record is grounded in delivering timely data series and products, generated from our industry standard data management processes which can vary from massive industry leading outreach programs to individualized data administration on the smallest of scales.

We are keenly aware of the sensitive nature of data management and the nuances of balancing this with the most challenging of operation deadlines. We deliver succinct and accurate outcomes on data collected that highlight the true importance of data at each stage of management. Our goal is to create real-world insights for our customers, whether in the board room, in legislating policy or for the public at large.

Our Data Analytics approach is focused on helping our customers evolve into data-driven organizations.  That requires investments in both data culture and technology, to shift how decision-making is made.  We integrate and unify data from disparate sources, making it easy for our customers to visualize, automate, explore and act on their data.