Crown Consulting Inc.

Innovative solutions and insightful analysis that foster aviation transformation

Crown’s Aerospace & Advanced Transportation service area builds on decades of innovation with the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, states and industry partners assessing, developing and implementing advanced airspace technologies.

We leverage this foundation to transform the airspace so that it safely provides access to an ever-growing diversity of users and uses.

From defining an urban air/ground intermodal transportation network to conceiving autonomous airspace management technologies, we provide leading-edge solutions across the spectrum for federal, state and local governments and industry.

Advancing Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Traffic Management

Crown serves as the technical lead for the one of the FAA’s most successful UAS Integration Pilot Program teams.

Crown brings knowledge, creativity and deep bench strength in aviation and airspace systems, artificial intelligence, systems engineering and computer science to propel air mobility and technology in four key areas:

  • Manned and unmanned airspace integration, from concept development, analysis and planning to implementation.
  • Autonomy infusion into air mobility solutions for scalability and intermodal transportation connectivity.
  • Air vehicle technology and transformative aeronautics concepts and assessment.
  • Big data management and utilization for enabling in-time safety and operational support in real-time.

Our staff possess a rich heritage of experience performing research to support our clients’ needs in technology solutions for aeronautics. We apply our breadth of expertise to develop robust solutions with a system-wide perspective, encompassing multidisciplinary factors, including technical, operational, economic, social, regulatory and environmental.

Our broad spectrum of projects give us visibility into the latest trends in technology, from revolutionary new capabilities to emerging business models and world events significant to aviation. We leverage these unique insights maintain a high-caliber staff, ready to support the dynamic needs of research in aviation.