Crown Consulting Inc.

Aerospace & Advanced Transportation

Prototypes, Tools and Testing for NASA and FAA Demonstrations

Crown created, built and tested prototypes for three successful NASA Airspace Technology Demonstrations.

Advancing Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Traffic Management

Crown serves as the technical lead for the one of the FAA’s most successful UAS Integration Pilot Program teams.

Assessing Urban Air Mobility Market Potential for NASA

Crown teamed with McKinsey & Co. on a comprehensive UAS/UAM market study to inform the agency’s research agenda.

Programs & Engineering

Transforming FAA Flight Inspections through Systems Engineering

Crown helped SASO become the first aviation system program to integrate systems engineering processes from the FAA’s Acquisition Management System.

Managing Big Data, Analytics and Visualization for NASA

As software development lead for NASA’s Sherlock data warehouse ATM-X test bed, Crown designs, builds and maintains the platform that collects, processes and analyzes air traffic data.

Fostering Energy Data Quality and Accessibility for EIA

Crown plays two key roles supporting the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) as the nation’s most comprehensive and accurate source of energy production and consumption information.

Integration & Infrastructure

Modernizing Air Ground Communications for FAA

Crown supports FAA’s NEXCOM program with turnkey radio replacement solutions for modernizing air-ground communications.

Enhancing FAA NAS Surveillance and Weather

Crown is modernizing FAA surveillance and weather radar with integrated logistics, documentation, training, and depot supply support.

Maintaining NOAA Weather Radio All Hazard Network Equipment

Crown supports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service with maintenance and logistics support for critical radio transmitters and related equipment.

Replacing Communications Towers for FAA’s Unstaffed Infrastructure Sustainment (UIS)

Crown designs and constructs replacement communications towers for this mission-critical FAA infrastructure program.