Crown Consulting Inc.

The U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA) and Crown are transforming the way citizens view and analyze energy usage. The State Energy Portal is an interactive web portal and visualization tool which that allows users to easily access energy consumption, production and price data across energy resources throughout the United States.

A dashboard style graphical format allows user to quickly access topics of interest, examine trends and exceptions and customize data presentation for their needs – proven to engage users at a significantly higher rate than requiring them to dig for disparate data from multiple sources.

The portal provides a profile for each state’s energy, including reserves, production, storage, consumption, supply/demand, import/export, transportation and pricing. Search capabilities and filters allow users to dig focus on specific topics of concern such as specific time periods, geographic locations, energy sources, sectors and frequency of data collection.

More than 1,700 state- and regional-level data series from 50+ data sources, within and outside of EIA, makes it possible for users to rely upon it as a primary source for information about energy demand, use, costs and tradeoffs. The data have relevance for local, state and federal energy officials, legislators, energy producers, utilities, end users, industry associations, environmentalists and researchers, from bidding on oil leases, assessing environmental impacts of production or choosing home fuel options to forecasting tax revenues and strengthening energy policy.