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Model-Based Systems Engineering with Machine Learning for Test Case Generation
Crown’s engineering tool predicted the key parameters that will lead to failure of this hover craft vehicle.
January 25, 2021

Arlington, Va. – The U.S. Air Force Agility Prime Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program has awarded Crown Consulting Inc. (Crown), in partnership with Quantitative Scientific Solutions LLC (QS-2) and North Carolina State University, a contract for “Model-Based Systems Engineering with Machine Learning for Test Case Generation.”

The contract will involve developing a model-based machine learning tool for generating key parameter ranges for test vectors for complex aerospace system models. The model will enable the Air Force to develop, test and certify new UAS technology quickly, overcoming slow and costly traditional aircraft testing processes. Agility Prime is an Air Force program seeking to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles, like air taxis.

“The contract is Crown’s first with the U.S. Air Force and reflects our team’s growing leadership in unmanned aircraft systems technologies innovation,” said Tom Davis, vice president of Science & Research for Crown.

The winning solution was developed by Crown Science & Research team experts Dr. Karen Gundy-Burlet and Dr. Rubén Del Rosario with partners Dr. Shawn Kimmel and Jeremiah Robertson of QS-2 and Dr. Tim Menzies of North Carolina State University.

Crown’s Science & Research team works with states, Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, industry partners and now the U.S. Air Force to plan and deploy advanced air mobility systems. The team helps clients advance manned and unmanned airspace integration, infuse autonomy into air mobility solutions, develop and assess air vehicle technology concepts, and manage and use big data for real-time safety and operational support.

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